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Ketamine For Treatment Resistant Depression

While about 70 percent of clinically depressed people are responsive to antidepressant medications—able to find some degree of relief, around 30 percent of patients continue to suffer from depression.

Those 30 percent often spend years trying different medications and treatment options often without relief or intolerable side effects. Patients are told their depression is treatment resistant, and many simply give up. If only they had been made aware of Ketamine treatment for the treatment of depression.

In the majority of cases, Ketamine is effective for patients that are resistant to standard treatments. Though ketamine is not a cure for depression, it does often provide a robust and rapid temporary improvement in symptoms. Using this medicine in conjunction with guided preparation and integration practices can help to maximize these effects.  

In an effort to make Ketamine therapy more accessible, we offer multiple ways of engaging with this medicine. After determining that Ketamine may benefit you, your Lotus Center APRN may recommend any of the following:

  • Micro-dosing prescription Ketamine at home with online group support
  • Participating in our Psychedelic Clinical Chaplain-led Ketamine treatment program (group or individual, private pay with HSA eligibility)
  • Participating in our therapist-led short-term Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy (KAP) program (individual, insurance-billed or private pay with HSA eligibility)
  • Adding Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy to your treatment plan with your established therapist

Please note: All of our private pay and insurance billed short-term Ketamine treatment programs provide quality individual care and include coaching and/or counseling for preparation and integration of Ketamine medicine sessions. We prioritize insight and integration rather than rapid cycles of medicine in hopes of facilitating longer lasting results.

Currently, our therapist-led individual short-term KAP program is full. We do have a waitlist, but because this is an individually unique treatment, we cannot guarantee your wait time. Our group and individual short-term Ketamine treatment programs with our psychedelic clinical chaplain currently have more immediate accessibility.

First Step

The first step in accessing any of our Ketamine therapy programs is to meet with one of our APRNs. If you would like to make an appointment for a Ketamine consult to see if you are an appropriate candidate for Ketamine treatment, please call the office at 385-272-4292.

Healing and Wellness

Sober Psychedelic Journeys

Facilitated by our psychedelic clinical chaplain, group participants share a sober journey experience to reach an altered state of consciousness using drum beats and voice guidance followed by integration. This experience can be a great pre-cursor to trying a medicine experience with Ketamine or used on its own for accessing non-ordinary states of consciousness and receiving person insight. 

First Step

For more information about sober journeys, please contact Jude Higgins at

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