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Meditation Space open in our group room at TLC

We invite you use our group room in The Lotus Center to add a little extra relaxation or focus into your day. We have meditation cushions, chairs, and blankets available for you to comfortably rest  before or after your appointments. With low lighting and calming audio-visual media playing in the background, our group room can offer you a little slice of peace in a hectic day.

For a bit more guidance and stimulation, we invite you to try our VR Meditation. Just ask the front desk staff for help. 

Mindfulness Courses and Groups at TLC

Our mindfulness and movement course is currently paused as we work to develop some new mindfulness course and group offerings for our clients. Please help us create the classes and groups that you are needing, wanting, and are interested in by taking a moment to fill out this interest form!

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Your physical and mental health are very important to us.  Do you have questions?  We are here to help.