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Meditation Wednesdays

We invite you to join us every Wednesday for a combination of light stretching followed by a different guided meditation each week. This practice lasts approximately 45 minutes to an hour.

Class Details

Every Wednesday at 6PM in the Center Room at the Lotus Center. This class is donation based- appreciated but not expected

All Equipment provided

Don't have a yoga mat, strap, block, bolster or blanket? No problem! T L C has you covered 


This practice will be led by our on-site instructor, Havilah - a graduate of the School of Positive Transformation. She is passionate about meditation and making it accessible to everyone. 

We will also be inviting guest instructors- follow us on social media for future announcements!

Facebook: @LotusCenterTherapy

Instagram: @lotuscentertherapy

Please Text any questions you have to:  801-917-4063

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Your physical and mental health are very important to us.  Do you have questions?  We are here to help.


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