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Spiritual Help and Guidance

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Spiritual care consists of connectedness, consolation, and coping...

Spiritual Help with Connectedness
One key aspect of holistic health is connectedness. A sense of attunement comes with connecting. Connections can be made with oneself, others, nature, and that which is transcendent and/or sacred. Connection can ease feelings of loneliness and isolation in times of crisis. And as with many healthcare teams, spiritual help and care at The Lotus Center is available to help facilitate connections.

Spiritual Help with Consolation
Consolation is a type of comfort or solace. It is an outcome that results from having a health care team respect and be aware of the many aspects of spirituality one might want to incorporate into their therapeutic relationship. When individuals face crisis, often times spiritual beliefs, and practices have been found to be a major source of consolation. For some, the consolation that comes through spirituality can bring an inner sense of wellbeing as well as feelings of empowerment.

It is important to note that our psychedelic clinical chaplain, Jude Higgins, is non-denominational and defines spirituality broadly—that which gives our lives meaning and purpose.

Spiritual Help with Coping
Coping can be a welcomed consequence of incorporating spiritual or transpersonal resources into personally transformative work. Spirituality’s role in helping people find meaning in life has been demonstrated often in many peer-reviewed studies, but what if people have trouble identifying transpersonal resources? Your psychedelic clinical chaplain can provide the spiritual help needed for that and can facilitate an exploration into this area in a way that is gentle, non-judgmental, and open. In fact, spiritual care at The Lotus Center can assist with identifying many coping skills and techniques that are patient specific.

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Jude Higgins

Our psychedelic clinical chaplain, Jude Higgins, is leading our Spiritual Care program and can offer spiritual help and guidance with the following in One-on-One (in person or virtual) sessions:

  • Help with life transitions and personal transformations—career, partnerships, etc.
  • Help with bereavement that accompanies death and dying—terminal diagnoses, death, grief, illness, etc.
  • Preparation for psychedelic use: The Work Before the Work
  • Psychedelic harm reduction: Integration and Processing
  • Assistance with sober psychedelic journeys
  • Trauma Processing (religious, psychedelic, etc.)
  • Guided visualizations, meditations, etc.

Jude also facilitates group events (in person or virtual) to include:

  • Group Psychedelic Journeys
  • Sonic Drum Psychedelic Journeys
  • Spiritual Grief Support Groups and Ancestor Connection Ceremonies
  • Death Cafe monthly at The Lotus Center
  • Online Facebook group for at-home ketamine users

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Please call our front office at 385-272-4292 for more information or to schedule an appointment with our psychedelic clinical chaplain, Jude Higgins. You can also click here to check out some of her current running groups.

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